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QuestMark Capital Management Sdn Bhd

  • Management of Sovereign Venture Capital Fund
  • Private and Institutional Investors

QMA Capital
In July 2009, QuestMark Capital Management Sdn Bhd was appointed the manager of QMA Capital Sdn Bhd, a fund set up under the Outsourced Partners Programme 2 (“OSP2”) and invested by Malaysia Venture Capital Management Berhad (“MAVCAP”).  MAVCAP is owned by the Malaysian government and is the country’s largest sovereign venture capital firm.


QMA Capital Sdn Bhd will focus on investing in companies that have high-growth potential including but not limited to areas of healthcare, bio-medical, media, technology, telecommunications and agro-based businesses. QMA Capital Sdn Bhd will benefit from being managed by QuestMark whose founders have extensive experience in fund management, corporate advisory and specialized knowledge in the sectors mentioned above.


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Axiata Digital Innovation Fund
Following the success of QMA Capital, a second fund named Axiata Digital Innovation Fund (“ADIF”) was set up in 2014 under the management of Intres Capital Partners which is a QuestMark / MAVCAP Partnership. ADIF is a digital technology venture fund formed by Axiata Group Berhad in collaboration with MAVCAP. Axiata Group Berhad is a leading telecommunications group in Asia with over 250 million subscribers.


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